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Jeff Horwath Family Builders, Tradition of Excellence

The Classic Jeff Horwath Look

We’re always being told by people that they love Jeff Horwath houses and can tell them apart from others. Many compliments come from people who have been house-hunting and say they have discovered that all the homes they really like, are built by us. What is it that sets our homes apart from the rest? Building house after house with eye-stopping curb appeal requires an artistic eye. Jeff’s background in design and building has yielded a distinctive look that emphasizes traditional European and southern styling. We try to build each house so that it will remain both charming and stunning decades from now. That’s why we say “Build A Classic” with Jeff Horwath Family Builders, Inc.

Bright Open Concept Interiors with Lots of Detail

We have the unique ability to provide an unending flow of creative floorplans that can be paired with just about any of our exterior styles. We design these interiors to fit your lifestyle with large, open rooms, lots of windows, unique spaces and details that give each of our homes great live-ability, character and charm.

Of course, we will incorporate any of your special desires to provide everything you want in your new home…large mudrooms, sunrooms, studies, lofts, keeping rooms, screened porches, cubbies, niches, columns, arches, plant shelves, curves and angles. Just tell us what you like…we love to create.

Placing Emphasis On Your Satisfaction

Jeff Horwath Family Builders, Inc. is the only builder in all of metropolitan Milwaukee that received a perfect overall score in the comprehensive Milwaukee Magazine survey of home-building customers (9/99).

We have always strived to apply our Christian Values by trying to consider our customers needs before our own.
We think it is important, however, that all of our customers understand that building a new home is a”partnership”.

It requires a respectful, friendly and honest effort by both parties. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the best services. And, we enable you with our own organized system of information that will make your part of the job easy.

Highest Quality with Efficient Production

One way to evaluate a builder, is to consider their overhead in relation to their sales volume. Some builders have proliferated their business so far that layers of management, personnel and model/advertising expenses have gotten out of control. On the other end, however, are builders who must pay all of their costs from the profit of just a few homes each year. In comparison, Jeff Horwath Family Builders, Inc. has maintained tight control over our overhead, with very little office, model, advertising, or sales expense. As one of the areas largest high quality “custom” builders, we have obtained very low pricing from our suppliers. Because of our reputation as an organized and honest builder, we can partner with outstanding subcontractors and tradespeople. Their professionalism means scheduling is more reliable, work is done with higher quality and better attention to detail…fewer mistakes or callbacks are needed. Because our workers are more proficient, they can remain very competitive, benefitting you in the form of a better priced home!