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Jeff Horwath Design Process

Yes, we have over 350 Horwath home designs, because we enjoy designing new houses and we don’t charge extra for it. Some of our best new ideas come from joint inspiration with our customers. You tell me what’s important to you, show me what you like from among our current plan designs or magazine pictures you’ve collected, and I will design the house for you that blends all of those features together. The design cost for your plans is already included in our base prices, so there is no charge for the plans or changes to the plans.

Our staff in the models are there to answer your questions, but I will be the one to work with you to design your house. After we’ve come up with a layout and exterior look for your home, I will price it for you, itemizing the costs for all of the possible upgrades and options you might want to consider. Once you are happy with everything you see, we can begin your actual plans. We will take a small deposit from you at that time, which goes toward the cost of your house and represents half of your total down-payment. The other half will come once your plans are about completed and we sign your construction contract.

We have the happiest customers when there are no surprises during the design or building process. That’s why we try to help you see all of the possible costs, even suggesting increases to allowances where appropriate for your tastes, up front in that initial cost breakdown. And, that pricing will not need to change during the design process, assuming we begin your plans soon thereafter. We will only modify that initial pricing based on your preferences and/or if our design changes. We’ll get your first set of preliminary plans in 1-2 weeks typically. You’ll get a set to review, then I’ll meet with you to add more detail, basement layout, etc. With the next set of plans, we can get your architectural approval, start your survey work and sign your contract. After any final tweaks, we can print your final plans and start the engineering, permitting & approval process.

Our construction director, will also work with you to finalize the specifications for your home and guide you thru the planning process. Laura will be your selections advisor while we build your house to assist you with selection choices, statements and change orders if you need them. We will continue as your building mentors through the entire process. Since time is important, we also try to get a jump on your building process while we are drawing your house. We’ll help you with exterior color selections, get architectural approval from your subdivision, and initiate your survey, heat loss calculations, and septic permit process while we are doing your plans. That way we can get started as soon as possible when your plans are done. We’ll introduce you to your on-site Construction Manager, who will review the project with you and oversee everything at the job site. We’ll help you with the mortgage process and even apply for your utilities. I can tell you more when we meet. Thanks for considering Jeff Horwath Family Builders.

Jeff Horwath